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Wonik Materials
A customer-oriented, customer-valueing society
Recruit Notice
Regular and non-regular recruiting notices will be posted on Wonik's recruiting portal or public recruiting websites.
portal: (
Paper Screening
Job applications will be accepted in accordance with publicly announced Recruiting Processes. Each application will be reviewed internally followed by paper screenings.
Please be advised that cover letters are crucial in that they are the first impression of job applicants.
Personality / Aptitude Test
Our Personality & Aptitude Test is composed a variety of reliable checklists testing our applicant's from various perspectives in terms of personality, aptitude, adaptablity and job capabilitiy.
Interview methods can differ in accordance with the applicant's professional experience and job description. Presentation and lingual tests might be added if in-depth interviews are required.
Physical Examination
All applicants have to go through physical examination, making sure that the applicant is mentally and physically fit. Wonik Materials is looking for healthy minds.
Letter of Acceptance
Wonik is proud to have you in the office. We will prepare to welcome your remarkable talent.