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HR Program
Our HR department considers Wonik's core values - Freedom, Communication, Happiness
as top priority by means of a wide range of education and fostering programs in order to improve our staff's capabilites and get closer to future values
On-the-job-training for new recruits
Enjoy our exuberant OJT with your team members.
In order to get closer to your dream, we will provide an opportunity to gather your passion once again.
Enjoy our team-by-team job introduction program along with a variety of events such as on-site-studies, which will foster your imagination and creativity.
Execution of Wonik's core values
Experience and internalize Wonik's core values - Freedom, Communication, Happiness
All experienced staff in career positions who newly arrived at Wonik will go through a two day training program which will improve their adaptability.
The program will not be stiff, but provide our staff with chances to communicate with Wonik's human network."
Special Lectures by Celebrities
Our special lecture program will provide information about most recent trends and issues.
We invite special lecturers who can provide our staff with reliable information and insight about the most recent social issues and strategies of leading companies.
This event will happen on a regular basis, and covers all of our staff members.
Online Job Training
Our online training program provides job training irrespective of location
Our staff can customize and choose their training out of hundreds of job trainig programs
Our staff are encouraged to actively participate in both general and team-by-team job trainings to successfully adapt as a worker of Wonik