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Summer Vacation Resorts
Supports comfortable and fun vacation
"Support for a backpacking trip for
Executives and Staff Memebrs"
Every year, one outstanding staff will benefit from a overseas trip financed by the company
Through support for expenses, we encourage our staff to stay out of work for a while, experience new cultures, technologies, histories in order to add new perspectives to their creativity, which will eventually benfit us all
Support for Medical Expenses
We will take care of your health
We will always take care of our staff living and working far from home
Let's share hobbies!
Compensation for long-term employees
Wonik Materials is always thankful for your passion.
"Support for vacation expenses for those who have worked for more than 5 years and more than 10 years, and support for overseas travel and vacation expenses for those who have worked for more than 20 years"
Support for Anniversaries
Congratulations for your family events!
In-House Cafeteria
We provide our staff with a balanced diet.
Support for children's educational expenses
We encourage our staff's childrens education with actual expense support.
Commuting Bus
We guarantee safe commuting
Support for family events
We sympathize with the joys and sorrows of our employees, and we will be with you with generous support, including condolences and rewards.
Mental health
In order to take care of the hearts of our employees, we provide various examinations and healing programs every year.
Welfare Mall
In order to respect the diversity of our employees, we provide selective welfare through the Welfare Mall Point System.
Resort Membership
With a resort membership, you can enjoy convenient and affordable travel.
Language teaching
We will support you to grow into a global talent.
Support for online/offline language training to help employees grow into global talents.